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Product Detail : Supply, complete installation & commissioning of devices, equipments, instrument, machineries, tools - dc regulated power supply, 3-phase variac, 1ph transformer, 3 ph, 415 / 240 v, 3 kva transformer with all terminals brought out for different connections, dc motor generator set, dc series motor, set up for speed control of dc motor, swinburn's test to compute efficiency of shunt generator, d.c. compound motor (open type), 3 phase induction motor (semi open type), set up for speed control of induction motor (frequency changing with required panel & drive), 3-phase induction motor, complete set up of 3-phase synchronous motor driven by dc shunt motor with panel, loading arrangement and having facility to vary the excitation for plotting v-curve & inverted v- curve of the motor at different load. , synchronization of 3 phase alternators by synchroscope & 3 lamp method, three phase alternator for oc, sc and load test, squirrel cage 1 hp, 400v i/m & stroboscope to measure slip, universal motor , capacitor start single phase induction motor, motor winding trainer, three point & four point starter, autotransformer starter, programmable logic controller, matlab software (latest original version), pspice software (latest original version), smoothly variable inductor (0 to 1 h variable), 230 v (rms), capacitor bank (cylindrical type), capacitor bank (box type), 8085 microprocessor trainer kit, 8085 microprocessor based controller for the operation of a stepper motor with a fixed no.of steps and to determine the angular displacement per step by measuring the total angular rotation., 8051 based advanced microcontroller trainer, set up for measurement of ac voltage, current, frequency and phase angle difference using suitable pt,ct,zcd,ad c, etc based on 8085 microprocessor., dc-dc boost converter module, dc-dc buck converter module, potentiometer (type-i), potentiometer (type-ii), potentiometer (type-iii), rheostat, ac capacitor (cbb61), triac (type-i), triac (type-ii), triac driver, diac, ujt, igbt, mosfet, igbt/ mosfet driver ic, jfet, l7805 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7806 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7808 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7809 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7812 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7815 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7824 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7905 ic (three-terminal negetive regulators), l7908 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7912 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), l7915 ic (three-terminal positive regulators), bjt characteristics trainer, schering bridge, power factor meter (single phase, digital), inverter, kit for study of scr single phase half wave, full wave, fully controlled bridge rectifier/converter using scr, training kit to study series inverter using scr, "kit for study of passive filters [constant k type, hpf, lpf, , bpf, bsf]", "kit for study of p, pi and pid controller (open and closed , lope control)", kit to study of position control system using servo motor, kit to study rc phase shift oscillator and find its oscillation frequency, kit to study colpitt's oscillator and find its oscillation frequency, wien bridge oscillator trainer kit, dc network analyser, kit for measurement of radiation using pyranometer, "laboratory module for photo voltaic system for street lighting , (pv module, ccu, battery, cfl, led)", kit to study and plot frequency response of fet amplifier, class-b push pull power amplifier trainer kit, training kit to study of class a,b,ab type push-pull amplifier, kit for demonstration of half adder, kit for demonstration of full adder / full substractor, kit to study encoder and decoder circuit, kit to study multiplexer and demultiplexer circuit, synchronous and asynchronous counter trainer kit, analog to digital converter trainer kit, digital to analog converter trainer kit, demo board for different insulator, megger, bread board, c.t. & p.t. testing trainer kit, digital voltmeter, clamp on ammeter, digital multimeter , luxmeter, piezoelectric transducer trainer kit, training kit for sodium vapour lamp, mercury vapour lamp, inverse square law appatratus, training kit to study maxwell bridge, training kit to study wheat stone bridge, training kit for study of kirchhoff’s current & voltage law, kit for verification of superposition theorem in dc network, kit for verification of thevenin’s theorem in dc network, kit for verification of norton theorem in dc network, "kit for verification of maximum power transfer theorem , in dc network", kit for series parallel resonance of rlc ckt., strain gauge & measurement of strain, running model of bucholtz relay, "kit for active and reactive power measurement in three phase , balanced load by two wattmeter method", "kit for calibration of single phase energy meter using resistive , and inductive loads", kit for measurement of current & voltages by low range ammeter & voltmeter respectively using current transf
Document Sale To : 25-10-2019 at 18:00 Hrs
Tender Location : West Bengal - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Value : INR 12500000
Tender EMD : INR 10000
Tender Closing Date : 25/10/2019 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 4/11/2019 at 14:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
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