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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value 39.06 Million approx. / 3.90 Crore approx.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56288969
Closing Date 09 - Feb - 2023  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Addn altn cum special repair to offrs jcos ors md accn
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56580258
Closing Date 07 - Feb - 2023  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of medical stores to mh gopalpur for the year 23-24 #*. supply of consumable medical stores (medicines,lab reuirements, x-ray films and surgical items) for the year 23-24 #*. diethyl ether solvent bott of 500 ml, isoflurane bott of 500 ml, inj ketamine hcl 50mg/ml 2 ml inj, propofol 1% or 10 mg/ml 20 ml inj, thiopentone inj of 0.5gwithout water for injection, sevoflurane bott of 250 ml, bupivacaine hcl 5mg ml, 20 ml inj, bupivacaine hcl 5mg/ ml, 4 ml inj, lignocaine viscous 2 containing lignocaine 21.3mg methyl paraben 0.61mg, propyl paraben 0.27mg or ml, packed in bott of 100 ml, lignocaine hcl 2% vial of 30ml inj (suitable for ophthalmic use also), lignocaine hcl 2% with adrenaline 1:80000 inj vial of 30 ml, lignocaine 100 mg and ethanol 28 mg or ml or v or v spray container of 500 ml , lignocaine hydrochloride jelly 2% tube of 30 ml with plastic nozzle, atropine sulphate 0.6mg,1 ml inj, inj midazolam 5 mg,1 ml, 2 propanol and macetronium ethylsulphate 0.2 percent 45gm/30gm in 100 gm, iso propanol 60-65 percent and benzalkonium chloride skin disinfectant,63 gm/0.025 gm in 100g, 1,6 dihydroxy,2-5 dioxahexane,gluteraldehyde benzylalkonium chl,alkyl urea derivative ,11.2gm/5.0 gm 5gm/3gm in 100gm bott of 500ml, tab paracetamol 650mg, diclofenac sodium suppository 100mg, aceclofence 100 mg + paracatmol 500 mg tab, paraceatmol 325 mg + diclofenac sodium 50 mg tab, pentazocine lactate 30 mg/ml, 1 ml amp, paracetamol with cysteine hcl monohydrate infusion 1000 mg/ 100 ml, aspirin soluble 350 mg tab, common cold tab(cetrizine 5 mg plus paracetamol 500 mg plus pseudoephedrine 60 mg), deflazacort 6mg tab, tab diclofenac sodium 50 mg enteric coted, diclofenac 25 mg/ml ip 3 ml inj, tab ibuprofen 200 mg, ibuprofen syrup 100mg per 5ml bott of 50, ibuprofene 400 mg tab, paracatmol 10mg/ml infusion in 100ml bottel, naproxen 500 mg tab, tab naproxen 250 mg, tab paracetamol 500 mg, paracetamol 150 mg/ml,2ml iv, inj, paracetamol syrup 125 mg or 5 ml bott of 60 ml , tab paracetamol 325 mg and ibuprofen 400 mg tab, etoricoxib 120mg,tab, fentanyl citrate 2 ml 50 mcg ml prepn inj, fentanyl 50 mcg ml 10ml inj, inj morphine 15 mg in 1ml, pethidine inj 50 mg in 1ml amp, indomethacin 75 mg sr tab, tab allopurinol 100 mg, tizanidine 2 mg plus ibuprofen tab 400mg , tramadol hcl 50 mg cap, tramodol hcl 50 mg/ml inj, 1 ml amp, paracetmol 325 mg + tramadol 37.5 mg tab, aceclofenac 100 mg tab, febuxostat 40 mg tab, betamethasone 4mg 1 ml inj, inj adrenaline tartrate 1isto 1000 ampoule of 1ml, cetrizine dihydro choride tab 10 mg, levo cetrizine 5 mg tab, tab cyproheptadine 4mg, suspension fexofenadine 30ml/5ml 60ml bott syp, montelukast 10 mg levocetrizine 5 mg combination tab, promethazine syp 5 mg/5 ml bott of 60 ml, dexamethasone 0.5mg tab, dexamethasone sodium phosphate 4.4mg equivalent to dexamethasone phosphate 4 mg or ml 2ml inj, pregabalin 75mg methylcobalamin 750 mcg tab, olapatidine 5mg tab, inj hydrocortisone sodium succinate 100mg, inj pheniramine maleate 22.75 mg per ml amp of 2ml, nor adrenaline bitaratrate 2 mg per ml amp 2 ml inj, tab pheniramine maleate of 25 mg, tab prednisolone 5 mg, methylprednisolone 16 mg, tab, inj promethazine hcl 2.5 percent, 25mgm or ml, 2ml inj, pralidoxine inj 500 mg per 20ml, n- acetyl cysteine 200mg/ml 5 ml inj, levetiracetam 100mg by ml vial of 5ml inj, divalproate 500 mg tab, pregabalin 75 mg, cap, levetiracetam 100 mg or ml, syp or soln or liquid, levetiracetam 500 mg tab, oxcarbazepine 150 mg tab, oxcarbazepine 300 mg tab, tab carbamazepine 200mg, carbamazepine 200 mg cr tab, clobazam tab 5 mg, tab.clonazepam 2 mg, lorazepam 2 mg or ml amp of 2 ml inj prepn inj, inj diazepam 10mg in amp of 2ml, donepezil tab 5 mg, diazepam syrup 2mg/5 ml, bott of 60 ml, diazepam 5 mg tab, gabapentin cap 300 mg, inj phenobarbitone sodium 200 mg inampoule of 1ml, inj fosphenytoin 75mg/ml 2ml amppoul, phenytion oral suspension conatining phenytoin 100 mg per 4 ml bott of 100 ml, tab phenytoin sodium 100mg, sodium valproate 100mg or ml inj, sodium valproate oral solution 200 mg/5ml bott of 100 ml., tab sodium valproate 200 mg, immunoglobulin (human) 500 mg inj, lamotrigine 25 mg tab, lamotrigine 50 mg tab, sumatriptan tab 50 mg, topiramate 25 mg tab, rizatriptan 5 mg tab, baclofen 10mg tab, nimodipine tab 30 mg, acebrophylline 100 mg cap, budesonide 200 mcg inhaler, budesonide 200 mcg plus formeterol 6 mcg autohaler , budesonide 1 mg repsules, canagliflozin 100mg tab, carbimazole 20 mg tab, chlorzoxazone 500mg diclofenac sodiun 50 mg paracetamol 325 mg tab, salmetrol 25 mcg fluticasone 250mcg autohaler, diacerin 50 mg tab, doxophyllin 400 mg tab, ethambutol 1200 mg tab, glaclazide xr 60 mg metformin xr 500mg tab, glaclazide xr 60 mg tab, hydrocortisone 5 mg tab, mesalazine 500 mg tab, mycophenolate mofetil 250 mg tab, pyrazinamide 1 gm tab, tab albendazole 400 mg, albendazole syp each 5 ml containing 200 mg bott of 10 ml syp, sitagliptin 50 mg metformin 500 mg tab, ivermectin tab 6 mg, amoxycilln
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56452401
Closing Date 02 - Feb - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Provision of Footpath with Rcc and Plumbing Works in Children Park at Cgra.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value 1.37 Million approx. / 13.78 Lakh
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56485592
Closing Date 02 - Feb - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Provision of footpath with rcc and plumbing works in children park at cgra
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value 2.16 Million approx. / 21.66 Lakh
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56421644
Closing Date 31 - Jan - 2023  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Provision of brick steps with kota stone including rcc baluster near pond area at cgra
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 56452381
Closing Date 31 - Jan - 2023  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Provision of Brick Steps with Kota Stone Including Rcc Baluster Near Pond Area at Cgra Gopalpur
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