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Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60073223
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2023  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of Pierce Cut Cocoons
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60325521
Closing Date 07 - Jun - 2023  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
invited from reputed firms for the given items & Vidyalaya Vehicle (1) Grocery Items (2) Vegetable Items (3) Non Veg Items (4) Milk and Milk Products (5) Bakery Items (6) Utensils (7) daily Use Items (8) Electrical Items (9) Furniture (10) Laboratory Items (11) Stitching Items (12) contractual vehicle (13) Sports Items (14) Bedding Items (15) Stationary.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 59932204
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Stationery & Office Consumables items, Legal Size Paper 75 GSM/ per ream, Rubber Band(Big) /kg, Rubber Band(Small) /kg, My Clear Bag Button Type Folder (Solo) /pc, Marker Pen –Faber Castell (Red /Black / Blue), Hilighter Pen Faber Castell (Yellow / Pink), Pen (Red) Use and throw, Pen (Blue/Black/Green) Use and throw, Fevi Gum, Fevi Stick, Gems Clip Steel (100 nos in a box), Stamp Pad Faber Castell(Black), Stamp Pad Faber Castell(Blue), Stamp Pad Faber Castell(Red), Stamp Pad ink Faber Castell(Small), Pencil (HB) /pc, Rubber /pc, Sharpner /pc, Scale 30 cm (plastic) /pc, Easer Correction Fluid Faber Castell, Brown Tape(2 "), Cello Tape-Roll 2” Wonder (White), Stapler (Kangaroo 10 –different Colour), Stapler Pin (For Kangaroo 10 ) / box, Stapler (For Kangaroo 24/6 ), Stapler Pin (For Kangaroo 24/6 – different Colour) /box, Paper Punching Machine (Kangaroo 600), Scissor (Kangaroo) for Moderation, Arch File(Name and address of B.U., with coloured B.U. LOGO), Cover File (Name and address of B.U., with coloured B.U. LOGO), Outer Cloth lined Envelop Brown (12"X7"), Paper Punching Machine (Kangaroo 280), Register of different size – 100 page/200/400/600, Printed Peon Book – University Name & logo, Board Pin, Printed Visitor slip – University Name & logo, Channel File, Temporary marker pen & Eraser duster for white board, Printed Personal File(Plastic) Stationery knife correction fluid pen (white), Bleaching powder- Bengal Chemical (500 Gms container), Bleaching powder- Aditya Birla White bleaching powder, 25 Kg, HDPE Bag, Grade 1, Black Phenyle- Bengal Chemical (5 ltr Jar), Black Phenyle- Bengal Chemical (450ml bottle), White Phenyle- Bengal Chemical (450ml bottle), Naphthalene- Bengal Chemical (200 gms box), Harpic (500 ml bottle), Lizol (500 ml bottle), Lever Arch file (75mm), Iron Bucket(10L), Register (100pages) (rexine bound), Register (200pages) (rexine bound), Register(600pages) (rexine bound), Register(400pages) (rexine bound), Cloth Duster(24/24), Cloth Duster(36/36), Brown paper(100GSM) (44 “ x 29 ”), Waste Paper Basket (plastic , 8 “)), Cello Tape Transparent(1 inch), Triangular Clips(Electro plated improved quality)26mm, Brown Envelope 11"x 5"(100gsm), Brown Envelope 9"x 4"(100gsm), Brown Envelope 6"x 4"(100gsm), Envelope 15"x 11.5"(100gsm), Envelope inside cloth line 12.5 x 15"(100gsm), Confidential outer Envelop (12"X7"), Confidential inner Envelop (10"X4"), Envelop Cloth & Paper , Cover file with flap (Name and address of B.U. with coloured B.U. LOGO), Cobra File(Name and address of B.U. with coloured B.U. LOGO), Sutli thread 5 ply, Sutli thread 3 ply, File tag 6 inch length, Borer (plastic handle) , Fool Jharu (Best Quality), Jhul Jharu (Best Quality) , Broom Stick jharu (Best Quality), Box file (plastic), Life Buoy Soap (125 gm), Stamp Pad Ink (Blue , 60 ml Bottle), Dish washing powder 1 kg Pkt, Camlin Paste (700 ml), Cotton twine ball.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60012828
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Elastic cord ( string nylon for door mechanism of lhb coaches) to rcfdrawing no-lw56400, alt-a. nb-sample inspection is required by the consignee before bulk supply. [ warrantyperiod: 30 months after the date of delivery ]
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60179924
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Miscellaneous Items for Police Lines Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate. #*. Stationery Articles, Pipe Line Repairing Articles, Electrical Articles and Feeding Items for Dog Squad, All-out Liquidator Machine, All-out Liquidator, All-out Machine with Liquadator, Alluminium Can (big Size), Alluminium Degchi (raja), Alluminium Frying Pan (taj), Alluminium Gamla (taj), Alluminium Handi (raja), Alluminium Karai (raja), Alluminium Nouka / Rice Tub (raja), Alluminium Plain Sheet , Alluminium Saucepan (raja), Alluminiun Bucket (12") (raja), Alluminiun Bucket (14") (raja), Alluminiun Jug (raja), Alluminiun Tea Kettle (raja), Amplifier (ahuja, Ssb-80 M), Application for Distemper (asian Paint) to Wall Surface with Meterials , Arial (1 Kg), Arial (500 Gm), Arrowrot, Asbestos Sheet 2.5’x10’ (everest), Asbestos Sheet 2.5’x12’ (everest), Axe, Badminton Net (falcon), Brasso 250 Ml, Badminton Nylon Shuttle Cock ,mavis -500(yonex), Badminton Racket (yonex , Gr -303), Badminton Racket (yonex, Carbonex 6 Super), Badminton Racket String, Bamboo Big Size, Bamboo Ladder 20 Fit., Barbed Wire, Basin ( Hind Wear), Basin External Pipe 4ft., Battery Medium (eveready), Battery Calling Bell (eveready), Battery Pencil (eveready), Battery Remote (eveready), Beat Coke 3/4" (good Quality), Bed Sheet 5’x7’ (bombay Dying), Belcha Big (tata), Bleaching Powder , Belcha Medium (tata), Bib Cock 2 -in -1, Bib Cock (brass), Bib Cock (steel), Binocular (1.5 K.m.range)- Nikon, Bitumin (pitch), Black Board Wooden (3’x4’), Blue Vitriol 100 Gm, Black Granite Stone with Engraving, Black Paper, Blade for Hacksaw, Blue Liquid (robin), Blue (robin), Bone Dust, Bowl Big (laopala), Bowl Small (laopala), Box Squre Flag Stand Good Quality Wooden Frem ,size 1’x1’x1’3” Finshed By Brass Sheet with Brass Top(8 Pcs) & Brass Chain (with Logo Front Side), Branch Cutter, Brass Chain (good Quality), Brass Tub (for Flower) 12”, Brass Tub (for Flower) 14”, Brick, Brick, Broom Stick, Brown Cades (ajanta), Brown Target Paper (4’x4’), Brush for Painting (3 Inch), Brush for Painting (4 Inch), Brush Holder, Big Saw, Ball Pen, Comfort 1ltr Bottle, Cane Lathi 3', Cane Busket, Carbolic Acid 100 Ml, Casarol (cello) 5 Ltrs, Curpet Jute, Cutter Blade, Carpet Nylon, Carrom Board 48" Good Quality, Carrom Board 52" Good Quality, Ceiling Board 2'/2', Cello Tape, Cement (acc) -50 Kgs. Bag, Cement (ambuja) -50 Kgs. Bag, Cement Piller 6 Ft., Ceremonial Dress for Police Band Personeel with All Items Like (shoe, Cap, Belt, Trouser, Shirt, Lynerd), Chaki & Belna, Chalk-pencil, Clip, Clip Board, Cloro Rubber Paint White (berger/salimer), Coal –tar, Coasters, Coir String, Colin Spray -500 Ml, Colour Washing with Best Quality Meterials, Compas, Connector Pipe, Corner Flag (best Quality), Corner Self 8”x 8”, Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x10’(jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x12’ (jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x6’(jindal), Corrugate Sheet 2.5’x8’(jindal), Cord Less Microphone Battery (hi-watt-9 Volt), Cow Dung, Cricket Bat Duse, Cricket Bat Tennis, Cricket Elbow Guard, Cricket Helmet (isi), Cricket Pad, Cricket Thigh Guard, Cricket Wicket, Curpet Nylon (belgium), Curtain Pipe 2"/3" Dia, Curtain Best Quality, Curtain Medium Quality, Curtain with All Equipment, Chain Saw, Curtain Socket, Cement Nud, Cinthol Soap, Cloth Mask, Dove Soap, D.a.p Fertilizer, Dendrite 100 Gm, Dettol Liquied -500 Ml, Dettol Liquid Hand Wash 215 Ml, Dettol Soap -125 Gm., Dinner Set (laopala), Dinner Plate (laopala), Full Plate, Dinner Plate (laopala), Half Plate, Dinner Set Big Size (laopala), Discus -1 Kg (nelco), Discus -2 Kg (nelco), Distemper Coloured, Distemper Coloured, Distemper White, Distemper Blue, Door Chitkeni, Door Closer (isi), Door Handle , Door Kabja, Door Mat Coir, Door Mat Iron Net, Door Mat Synthetic, Door Reparing with All Fitting, Drain Brush, Drain Brush with Lathi 6', Drill Machine Set, Dustbin Plastic Big Size, Duster (cloth), Earthen Flower Tub (14''), Ezee, Easey of Bang 500 Ml, Elamati, Electrict Kettle (bajaj), Emari Paper, Empty Cement Bag, Empty Oil Dram 200 Ltrs., Exhaust Fan (havels) Medium Size, Exhaust Fan (havels) Small Size, Electric Heater, Fevicol/ddl, Fiber Full Plate, Fiber Half Plate, Fire Extinguisher Bucket, Figuer 11 Target Paper .38 Revolver, Fire Extinguisher Bucket Stand (iron), Refilling of Co2 Cylinderical Type 9 Litres Capacity Fire Extinguisher Complete with All Fitting and One Filling., Refiling of Dry Chemical Powder Cylindrical Type Up to 3.5 Kg Capacity Fire Extinguisher Complete with All Fitting and One Filling, Refilling of Fire Extinguisher 10 Kg. Capacity (abc) Complete with All Fittings, Fire Extinguisher Cylender, First-aid Box with All Equipments, Flag Rope (cotton), Flush Cock (corsa), Flask (milton) Thermo Steel Carafe -1500, Flask (milton) Thermo Steel Carafe -1000, Flask (borosil) Thermo Steel Carafe-1000, Flask (borosil) Thermo Steel Carafe-750, Floor Tiels ( Best Quality), Floor Tiles ( Vetrified) New Suppling and Fitting
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60255801
Closing Date 05 - Jun - 2023  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
supply of charge fire, cloth, sewing cotton, thread cotton, cotton waste - ord items
Qty : 16502

Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60290321
Closing Date 03 - Jun - 2023  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Bag, Stitching, Closing Thread, Unbleached as Per Item Specification - Industrial Swing Thread
Qty : 870

Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 59891972
Closing Date 02 - Jun - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Office Stationary Items, Agarbati (Cycle Brand), Agarbati (Green Champa), Allotment register(200 pages) with board binding quality, Alpin Assorted (King brand) best, Ball Pen (Ordinary)(Agani 0.5 & (Fort Pencil 0.5) (2 row), Bar Soap Dettol 100 gm, Bar Soap (Dove) 100 gm, Bar Soap (Lifeboy) 100 gm, Bed Sheet (Bombay Dyeing) Single, Bed Sheet (Bombay Dyeing)-double, Bed Sheet ordinary (Double bed), Bed Sheet ordinary (Single bed), Bound Exercise Book No. 2 (small size rulled), Bound Exercise Book No. 4 (small size rulled), Bound Exercise 1300k No. 6 (small size rulled), Bound register No. 12(good quality, rulled), Bound register No. 16(good quality, rulled), Bound register No. 20(good quality, rulled), Bound register No. 24 (good quality, rulled), Bound register No, 81good quality, rulled), Calculator machine(Electronic) Citizen made, 12 digit,, Calculator machine with printing(Casio),, Calculator roll (good quality), Candle (Special 9"), Car flag with brass stand (Small), Carbon Paper (Big size 1/2 F.C.), Cash Book (200 pages) WB No. 225, Celotape (Miracle) Big size, Celotape(Miracle) Small size, Clip board (plastic), Clip board (plywood), Cloth clip, Coffee (Nescafe)(100gm), Colin (Glass Cleaner) (500ml), Colour cello tape (good quality), Computer Cover, Copical (for use National flag), Correcting fluid Pen ( Feber-Castle) (7 ML), Cup with Saucer (best quality fancy) (laopala) (6+6), Dak File, Dendrite Tube (small size), Desk Calendar Stand (Metal), Desk Calendar Stand (Plastic), Detergent Powder (Surf excel) 500 gm, Detergent Powder (Tide) 500 gm, Detergent Powder (Nirma) 500 gm, Dettol (250 gmphile), Dettol liquid soap (100 ml), Dettol liquid soap (225 Inl), Dictionary (Bengali to English) [Oxford], Dictionary (English to Bengali)[Oxford], Dinner Set (Lao-pala), Doormat Coconut Rope (size 2'x2.5'), Plastic (size 2’x2.5'), Doormat Plastic (size 4'x2.5'), Doormat Coconut Rope (size 4'x2.5'), Double full scape Paper, Drinking water bottle (Milton) 1 ltr, Duster (good quality), Duster (local quality) 36"x36", Envelope (big size cloth finish) 16"x12"), Envelope King small size white, Envelope (Manila Brown, 11"x4"), Envelope (Morinda Brown, 12"x4.5"), Envelope (Morinda Brown, 1/1 "x 12"), Envelope Inside Net (Manila Brown, 12”x4.5”), Eraser (Pencil) (Nataraj), Eraser with Brass (Type), Faber-Castle (Highlight Pen), FeviStick (Super, Blue Stick), FeviStick (Super, Pidilite Industries Ltd.), Fibre Jharu Stick (bed washing), Fibre Table & Chair (Neelkamal), File cover (2 fold) (Channel file A4/FS), File Cover (plastic 4 folding) (Channel file A4/FS), File Cover (thick, good quality), File Cover with printing(thick, good quality) two fold, Flag stand (metal small), Flap (cloth finish) good quality, Gel pen (Agni) (use & throw), Glass for drinking (Normal), Glass for drinking(Borosil) (fancy quality), Good Night Machine with oil, Chalk Duster , Guard File (clip system) good quality, Gum 150 ml, Gum 750 ml, Gum Tube, Gurder (colour) big size, 11” X 6” (50gm), Gurder (colour) small size (50gm), Hi-tech CD Marker Pen, Hit-Spray (Black), Hit-Spray (Red), Issue Register with Binding No. 20, James Clip for paper (Zorex, 2.8 mm), Jhul-Jharu (good quality) Long, Knife (Plastic handle) medium, Knife (Wooden handle) medium, Letter Box (Wooden, 1.5” X 12”), Light Green Note Sheet (100 pages) (Hi thikness), Local Almirah with Locker (6’X4’) 20 gauge, Local and key (Godrej) 5 Levers, Local and key (Godrej) 6 Levers, Local and key (Godrej) 7 Levers, Local and key (Godrej) No. 21, 6 Levers, padlock, Lock and Key(ordinary) 7 lever, Link, Lock with fitting (Godrej Steel Almirah), l,ockwith fitting (Steel Alnnirah), Log book (no.2), Marking Cloth (Medium quality), Matress (Dunlop) single, Mosquito Coil (Good Knight), Mosquito Net (Double Net) Double bed, Mosquito Net (Double Net) Single bed, Napthaline (Cloth) (100gm), National flag (size 900 x 600 mm) Khadi, National flag (size Medium) Khadi, Non Stick Tea Sospan (medium), Nylon rope (Good Quality) (1 kg), Page marker (Desmat), Loan Clip (Small), Loan Clip (Medium), Loan Clip (Big), Paper Flag (Big Size), Paper Flag (Small Size), Paper eight (Glass fine quality), Doornoat iron net made (Big Size), Parker Pen (Beta), Parker Pen (Roller), Pen (Raynold) Trimex (0.5mm), Pen Stand (Willson) 2-holder with pen, Pencil (Red, Blue) NATARAJ & Ill) (row), Peon Book No. 6 (Binding) small size, Peon Book No. 6 (Board 13incling), Permanent Marker Pen, Pin-Cushion (oridinary), Pin-Cushion (Velvet), Plastic Folder (12 pieces ), Plastic Jug (Good Quality), Plastic Scale (12"), Punching Machine (1 hole) best quality, Receipt Register with binding No. 2(), Receiving l)ace Stanll) (brass) (rounded), [Receiving Dale Starnp (rubber) (straight), Refill (Trimax) Black / Blue, Rexin for table (good quality), Room Fresher(Premium, Rose Dew), Rorito T-Max Pen, RoritoT-Max Rifil, Eraser (Nataraj, small size), Rubber Doormat (Big Size), Rubber Stamp (Facsimile with block), Rubber Stamp (round with A
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Lakh
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60173908
Closing Date 01 - Jun - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Fevicol, Wide Transparent Cellotape, Thread Ball, Sutli Ball, Big Stapler, Small Stapler, Rope, Board Pin Box, Non Stick Rubber B, Black Tags, White Tags, Files, Big Candles, Big Candles St, Gala, Lak Round, Thick, Red Pen, Hp 110a Tonner Cartage, Tk 7120 Tonner Cartage, A4 Paper 80 Gsm, Answer Sheet 4 Pages, Answer Sheet 8 Pages, Answer Sheet 12 Pages, Answer Sheet 16 Pages - Answer Sheet
Qty : 50586

Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 60174967
Closing Date 30 - May - 2023  |  2 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of File Cover, Note Book, White File Cover, Register, Tally Card, Bond Paper Legal, File Cover Binder, Ledger Cover, Ledger Page Cover, Brown Paper, Pencil, Gel Pen Blue, Correction Pen, Permanent Marker, Super Chisel Marker, Map Marker Pen, Stapler Machine Small, Scale Steel, Fevicole, Drawing Pin, Sheet Tharmacol, Ledger Binding Rassi, Tag Big, Talc Sheet - File Cover
Qty : 2242

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