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Sector Labour And Manpower Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49889453
Closing Date 21 - Jun - 2022  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationery articles - adhesive gum tube 100g, adhesive stick/ glue stick, alpin/ needle point paper pin (steel), bag for file carrying, basket (plastic), battery (aa), battery (aaa), battery (d size), binder clip - 25 mm, binder clip - 32 mm, bleaching powder (rate per kg), box file (plastic), broom stick, calculator - 12 digit, calling bell (wireless), candle 8", carbon paper blue, cash book, cd (blank), cd cover, channel folder, cobweb cleaning broom, correction pen, cotton, cotton duster, cotton thread , cotton twine ball, cup & saucer (rate/ set), curtain (cotton) (rate/metre), date stamp, desk tray (plastic ), detergent washing powder, dishwash bar, dot pen - double sided (red & blue), dustbin (plastic), empty transparent bottle with pump for liquid handwash 200ml, empty transparent spray bottle 1000ml, empty transparent spray bottle 500 ml, envelope (big) (11"x5"), envelope (small), envelope cloth line (16"x12"), eraser (non dust), exercise book no. 8 (hard cover), file cover (four fold), file cover (two fold), flap for file cover, floor cleaner liquid (5 litre), floor mop with stick, floor wiper 18", fullscape paper (rulled), fullscape paper (white), funnel, gala (sealing wax), gel pen - black, blue, red & green (reputed brands only), gel pen refil - black, blue, red & green (reputed brands only), gum bottle 200 gm, gum pot 150 ml, gum tube (75 gm), hand towel (cotton), highlighter pen - yellow, green, orange, blue, red, jug (plastic), leukoplast tape (4"), liquid handwash (5l), lock & key 7 lever, lock & key 9 lever, lock & key for drawer (small), main stock ledger 300 to 400 pgs, main stock ledger 500 pgs, mosquito repellent coil, mosquito repellent machine, mosquito repellent refill, mug (plastic), napthaline ball (per kg), needle cutter machine, no dust broom for floor, non-dust broom, note sheet (blank), page marker - multicolour, paper clip - metal, paper clip - plastic coated, paper knife, paper shredding machine, paper weight (glass), pedal busket with lid, pen drive ( 8 gb), pen drive (16 gb), pen drive (32 gb), pen stand, pencil sharpener, pencil wooden, permanent marker pen (ohp) - blue, red, black, phenyle (5 litre), photocopy paper a3 75 gsm (pack of 500 pages), photocopy paper a4 75 gsm (pack of 500 pages), pin cushion, poker/ paper puncher, polymer stamp (rate/line), pre-inked stamp (rate/ line), puching machine (single), puncture proof container, refill (red, blue, green & black), register khata (100 pgs), register khata (200 pgs), register khata (400 pgs), register khata (600 pgs), register khata (800 pgs), reimbursement file cover, rexine cloth for table (rate/ metre), room freshner 300ml, 500ml, rubber band , scale (plastic), scale (steel), scale (wooden), scissor (big), self inking polymer stamp (rate/ line), sketch pen, soap case, spike buster (4 socket), sponge damper pad, stainless steel razor blade, stamp pad (big), stamp pad (small), stamp pad ink pot, stapler machine (big), stapler machine (small), stapler pin (big), stapler pin (small), sub-stock register, synthetic adhesive, tag (white) for file covers, toilet cleaner liquid (5l), toilet soap (75g), torch light, towel for chairs, transparent adhesive tape (1 inch wide), transparent adhesive tape (2 inch wide), use & throw dot pen - red, black, blue & green, wall clock , waste disposal bag (black), waste paper basket (plastic), work diary , writing pad 1/6, writing pad 1/4, stethoscope, blood pressure measuring machine - aneroid, blood pressure measuring machine - electronic
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49955194
Closing Date 16 - Jun - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 60 ml sterile sample collection container , sterile distilled water , powder free nitrile gloves , fixed nichronme loop with holder , insulated metal loop holder , ninety mm plastic sterile petridish in sealed packet , swab stick in sterile plastic container , sterile swab stick with cotton , tissue roll , autoclavable utility tray , isopropyl alcohol 70 percent , sample carrier box , ph paper , one percent sodium hypochlorite , auramine stain kit , forceps , forty percent sulphuric acid , rpr kit , oxidase disk , muller hinton agar powder , macconkey agar powder , autoclavable aluminium slide tray , plastic slide storage box , glass marker pencil , 5 ml syringe with needle , clotted blood collection vial with clot activator , no 20 sterile scalpel blade , no. 04 scalpel blade holder autocalvable , plastic test tube rack , autoclave sterilisation control indicator tape , kovac s reagent , 250 ml amber colour bottle , 500 ml amber colour bottle , 1000 ml amber colour bottle , digital thermometer , parafilm , filter paper , microscopic coverslip 10 gm per pack , glass test tube with rim , aluminium foil , brown paper roll , laboratory slippers , thread rolls for tying of beaker , glass rod , bile esculin agar powder boq title boq boq
Sector Tourism Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49906068
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2022  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of consumables, adhesive paper flags (post-it), arch file (big), arch file (small), ball point pen, bati candle, battery, battery aa, battery pencil, binder clip, binder clip, blank adhesive labels, board pin, board pin(plastic), box file, brown paper, brown paper tape, brush(drawing), board duster, cellophane paper (assorted), cellotape, cellotape, channel file, chart paper, chumki (glitters), conference pad, copy paper, copy paper, copy paper, correction pen, cover file, crêpe paper, crepe paper, dendrite, double side adhesive tape, double sided adhesive tape, eraz-ex, f c clip file, fevicol, flap of file, flat file, full scape paper (rulled/white), gent's clip (ordinary), gems clip (plastic coated), glitter dust, glitter glue (assorted colour), glue stick (big), golden paper, highlighter pen, magic tape dispenser, marble paper, menu card, ohp marker pen, ordinary pen use & throw, paper clip (metallic), paper pin, paper tape, paper weight, pen, pencil, pencil eraser, pencil sharpner (with cover), peon book, permanent marker pen, plastic folder file, plastic paper clip, plastic ruler, poster colour, punching machine, rubber band (assorted colour), ruled plain register, satin ribbon, scissors, sketch pen set, spiral pad, sponge pot, stamp pad (small), stamp pad ink, stapler machine (jumbo size), stapler machine (normal size), stapler pin (jumbo size), stapler pin (normal size), streamers (assorted colours), tag of tag file, tape dispenser, thermocol cutter, thread, twine (tone suto), waste paper basket, white board duster, white board marker pen, writing board with clip, wrapping paper, garbage drum, single hole punch, binder clip (51mm), cellotape 2", brown paper (thick size), scotch tape (3m) with dispenser, scotch tape (3m) refill pack, blank adhesive labels, wax crayon, paint brush, plastic packing rope, candle, candle, brown paper (dark), calculator at sihm
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49810327
Closing Date 11 - Jun - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rice (ratna), rice (gobinda bhog), atta, maida, chira, puffed rice, moong dal, masoor dal, cholar dal, motor, chola, ground nut, suji, semai, murki, papad, soyabin, sugar, khejur gur, chowmin, khoi, amul milk, tea leaf, michri, matches , tomato ketchap, jam, egg (poltry), chicken, mutton, rohu fish, fish (small), potato , pumpkin , gourd, carrot, brinjal, ash gourd, beetroot, bitter gourd, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, coriander, drumstick, elephant foot yam, malabar spinach, ladies finger, pea, pointed gourd, radish, ridge gourd, spinach, spring onion, string beans, tomato, rum, green chilli, capsicum, lemon, green banana, green jackfruit, banana stem, raw papaya, green mango, onion, litchi, jackfruit, water melon, guava, cucumber, grapes, apple, date, raisins, banana, orange, coconut, sugar cane, green coconut, pear, shakhalu, sweet potato, tamarind, narkel kul, mustard oil (saloni/emami healthy & tasty), coconut oil (shalimar), refined oil (fortune), bay leaf, cumin, green cardamom, black pepper, mustard seed, celery, dry chili, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, five spices, fennel, garlic, ginger, salt, turmeric powder, spice mixture, black cumin, boroline, wheel bar, margo soap, margo glycerine soap, clinicplus shampoo, colgate tube, surf excel, mediker shampoo, vaseline body lotion, jac body oil, bread, cake (bapuji), biscuit (britania marie), chanachur (joyguru), singara, alur chap, rosogolla, sandesh, pantua, curd (sada & misti), diesel, acid, harpic, jhantar khati, bleaching powder (dolphin), phenyl, mop, broom, stick broom (jhul jharu), sanitizer, hand wash (savlon), savlon surface disinfectant spray, pan cleaning brush, disposable mask, disposable cap, gloves (rubber), almirah (6.5'x3' in size (godrej), iron cot (3' x 7' (steel), trunk alliminium sheet (35'' x 20'' x 24'' in size), poplin cloth, printed cloth, addi cloth, wool, thread, thread (siphon), needle (machine), needle (hand, small), needle (big), febric colour, tuli, curush kata(wollen & thread), zip (6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch), bag handle, hook (blouse), button (tip button), wool cata (8 no., 9 no., 10 no., 11 no.), show button, elastic (thin), chalk, drawing sheet, frock (cotton printed readymade frock) 34-36 size , free size, panty (free size), sleeves/ inner (free size), bra (32 size, 34 size, 36 size ), mattress (single size), muflar, tooth brush, comb, chappal (rubber) (4 no., 6 no., 8 no.), sandal (leather) (4 no., 6 no., 8 no.), school shoes (4 no., 6 no., 8 no.), pillow (medium size), nighty (free size), cardigun /sweeter, school uniform (scirt & frock), soap case.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49820878
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of stationery form furniture items - a-4 paper 70gsm , a-4 paper 75gsm , a-4 paper 80gsm , a-4 paper (colour) 80gsm , ambassudor file (big), binder clip (good quality), blank cd (good quality) , blank dvd cassete, bod kin (good quality), book binding stapler (good quality), brass metal stamp punch (good quality), brown cover paper (good quality), busket (good quality), calculator-12digits(good quality), candle big, candle small, carbon paper (big) (good quality), carbon paper (small) (good quality), cartridge (hp laser 108a printer), cartridge (hp laser 12a printer), cash carring bag (good quality), cello tape white 1” width (good quality), cello tape- 2” brown (good quality), "cello tape white 1/2 “ (good quality), ", cello tape white - 2” (good quality), chalk (good quality), "channel file (good quality), ", clip board (good quality), "clip file (good quality, ", cordless calling bell (good quality), "correction pen (good quality), ", "cover file (good quality), ", date seal stamp (good quality), "dfc paper (80 gsm) , ", dfc carbon , "dot pen (good quality), ", dot pen (use & throw), "duster cloth (big) (good quality), ", "duster cloth (medium) (good quality), ", electric kettle (good quality), envelope leagal size, "envelope 12” x 5.5”, ", "envelope 16” x 12” (cloth coted), ", envelope printed (as per specimen), "enveplope 10” x 4.5” , ", "eraser (good quality), ", executive bond paper (a4 size), executive bond paper (legal size), fevi gum, fevi stick, file flap, folder file big (good quality), folder file(medium) (good quality), forwarded diary (good quality), gala, gala pesting metal seal (good quality), german std paper, german std paper with carbon, glossy paper (good quality), glue stick big (good quality), glue stick small (good quality), gum bottle (ordineary) 150ml, h.d carbon paper, hand bag (good quality), "high light pen (good quality), ", induction oven 2000wt good quality, james clip (plastic) (good quality), james clip (steel) (good quality), "knife big (good quality), ", "leagal paper 70gsm , ", led seal wire (good quality), lexmark printer toner (good quality), lock big (good quality), lock small (good quality), long cloth for screen, marker pen (permanent) (good quality), marker pen (white board) (good quality), marker pen ink (good quality), membrane for ro + uv water purifier, metal blinder clip(medium) (good quality), metal blinder clip(small) (good quality), metal punching machine (good quality), micro oven good quality, mini die grinder with cutting,grinding,electrical polishing ingraving drill bits rotery (good quality), mirror with fitting (4’x2’) (good quality), mirror with fitting (4’x4’) (good quality), notebook big, notebook small, pad ink(60ml) (good quality), paper clip (good quality), paper weight (good quality) , "pen gel (good quality), ", pilot v7 hi-tec point 0.7 pen, pen stand (good quality) , pencil wooden (good quality), photo paper (good quality), pin (king) (good quality), pin holder (good quality), pin kushan (good quality) , plastic coated cover file , plastic file(good quality), plastic scale 12” (good quality), plastic scale 18” (good quality), punching machine (good quality), pvc file (good quality), red cloth (good quality), red seal wire (good quality), refill dot pen blue/red (good quality), refill gel (good quality), register bengali 14 no. (80 gsm), register binding, register white --- 02 no. (80gsm) , register white --- 04 no. (80gsm) , register white. --- 08 no. (80gsm), register white --- 10no. (80gsm), register white --- 12no. (80gsm), register white. --- 14 no. (80gsm), register white --- 18 no. (80gsm), register white --- 20 no. (80gsm), register white---- 30 no. (80gsm), register white---- 40 no. (80gsm), register bengali 04 no. (80 gsm), register bengali 08 no. (80 gsm), register bengali 12 no. (80 gsm), registerbengali 16 no. (80 gsm), register bengali 20 no. (80 gsm), round rubber stamp (good quality), rubber stamp (good quality), scale 12” steel (good quality), scale 18” steel (good quality), scissor big (good quality), scissors medium (good quality) , scissors small (good quality) , seal tape brown (good quality), sharpner (good quality), sketch pen (good quality) , stamp pad big (good quality), stamp pad small (good quality), stapler machine medium (good quality), stapler machine big (good quality), stapler machine small (good quality), stapler pin (big) (good quality) , stapler pin (medium) (good quality), stapler pin (small) (good quality) , sticky notes (3 colour) , successor board (good quality), successor board name, tag (100pcs) (good quality), thread ball (good quality) , tray (good quality) , water spong (good quality), water jug (good quality), writing pad (good quality), book self (good quality), bwr playwood 06 mm thick (8’x4’), bwr pla
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.01 Lakh approx.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49864058
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Cord nylon ds cat no 1005 001761 for 7 62mm sniper rifle latest dc no 23850 sa dt 13 06 97 nda/
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49890471
Closing Date 10 - Jun - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of cord nylon ds. cat. no. 1005-001761 for 7.62mm sniper rifle.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49886967
Closing Date 08 - Jun - 2022  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stationery articles, executive stamp pad gripex, rubber stamp, stamp pad ink, lock and key, all pin box, stapler, stapler pin, big envelope, envelope, letter size envelope, medicine, carbon pencil, ball pen, executive gel pen, highlighter pen, marker pen, permanent marker pen, cd permanent marker, glass marking pen, correction pen, chalk white, eraser, sharpener, a3 carbon paper, carbon paper pencil, photo paper, a3 paper, a4 computer paper, legal paper, white paper, rim paper white, xerox paper, jems clips, gum, gum paste, gum stick, tube, fevi stick, board pin, paper, cello tape, fevi quick, scale, wooden, plastic, binder clip, envelope, channel file, cobra file, ring file big, cover file plastic coated, note sheet file, auto file, cover file, file flap, register, receive register, bound register, staff attendance register, note book, spiral binded notebook, peon book, excise book, tissue paper, whitener, calculator, pen stand, door mat, scissors, knife, tag, fore, stick rubber swab, pencil battery, mini pencil battery, torch battery, thread ball, crochet thread, tin cutter, candle, match box, extension cord with coil, plus, tester, clamp board, white board, notice board, black board, duster, pin cushion, chair cushion, hit spray black, hit spray red, mosquito coil, muriatic acid, napthalin ball, washing powder, soda powder, hand wash lifebuoy, hand wash dettol, soap, torch two cell, torch, steel bowl with cover, plastic bin, steel container, laopale bowl set, plastic dish set, glass set, table glass, tray set, water bottle set, spoon set, table tray plastic, glass tumbler, plastic paper, bowl cover, glass cover, swab with stick, wall clock,plastic mug, plastic jug, plastic bucket, bodkin, flower broom, coconut broom, swinging, dust bin, foot operative dust bin plastic, waste paper basket, net plastic bin, poly bean bag, magic wave mop bucket, plastic belcha, neet plastic bowl, shoe rack gum boot, blade topaz, wiper, cloth duster, urine container plastic, utility gloves, chair, turkish towel, wooden duster, sutli, odonil, room freshener, vim liquid, colin liquid, harpic liquid, phenyl, bleaching powder, cleaning brush, key ring, key holder leather bag, calling bell, printer cartridge, toner, hp cartridge, dvd, cd, pen drives, usb cord, desktop covers, printer cover, mouse pad, stamp pad, paper weight, toner, ricoh toner, samsung m2021 cartridge, exam paper, diagnostic report, bacteriological report form, attendance register, pen stand, wooden, etc.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value Rs. 13.03 Million approx. / 1.30 Crore approx.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49910752
Closing Date 07 - Jun - 2022  |  9 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply cloth disruptive polyester and cotton ( 20:80 )- uniform cloth (q2)
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 49941248
Closing Date 02 - Jun - 2022  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of hardware materials - cement (ambuja/ultratech), steel rod (tata/sail), bricks (1st class), plank (1.5'') (local), sand (coarse) (n.b.variety), stone chips (20mm down) (n.b.variety), shovel (tata), jhampal (tata), farua (tata), farua handle, trowel (tata), iron hammer (tata), chisel, augar, line dori, flat bar(m.s) (tata/sail), angle(m.s), cast soil tee(100mmx100mm) ( isi marked), spurn Yarn, lime, glue(ddl), tarpine oil, oil paint (nerolac/asian/berger), primer(wooden) (nerolac/asian/berger), g.i.wire, m.s.nut & bolt (5/8), nail, wire brush, shoe brush, coir brush, painting brush(4"), painting brush(2"), sand paper(120), sand paper(80), metal sanding paper, binding wire, broom (hard), broom (soft), g.i.pipe (40mm medium), chequered tiles (isi marked), hacksaw blade(both side)(1"wide) (isi marked).
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